Property Presentation Tips

Prospective buyers will want to inspect your home either at an open home or at a private inspection (they are also likely to drive by your property outside of scheduled viewing times). Attention to detail makes all the difference in achieving the highest possible price for your property and often the little things can make thousands of dollars difference in your sale price. We have put together some helpful suggestions to action when presenting your home for sale to maximize return.

 First impressions

The buyer’s first impression usually leaves a lasting impression. When you drive up to your house ask yourself (potential buyers will) Would I buy this home?

To enhance the street appeal you can:

  • Mow the lawns; prune, weed and mulch the garden
  • Tidy up pot plants
  • Remove any rubbish
  • Make sure all gates work properly and fences are in good condition
  • Clean the exterior of your home and the driveway
  • Do simple repairs that may hint at neglect or decay
  • If you have a pool make sure the pool water is clean and clear
  • Repaint needy areas in warm neutral colours
  • Clean any marks off walls
  • Shampoo the carpet
  • Remove pet smells
  • De-web

Kitchens and bathrooms

Buyers consistently rate these rooms as key influences in their decision to purchase.

  • Wash dishes and keep sinks and benches clean and clutter free
  • Ensure dirty laundry, cosmetics and toiletries are out of sight
  • Leave surfaces clean and shiny
  • Fix any leaking taps, loose door knobs, squeaky hinges and light fittings

 Maximize natural light

  • Open curtains and blinds
  • Clean the windows and screens
  • Trim any overgrown bushes near windows to let the natural light in

De-clutter and organize your home

You are on the move so start to prepare…With less clutter most homes appear larger.

  • Have a big clean out of unwanted items
  • De-clutter all areas of your home
  • Clean & organize your cupboards & storage areas (yes the garage too)
  • Store knick knacks, photographs and stray paperwork
  • Simplify the presentation – clear the fridge front, shelves, bed side tables etc
  • If your home appears overcrowded, remove some of the furniture and/or ornaments

 Outdoor living

Here on the Sunshine Coast outdoor living rates highly on a buyer’s wish list so enhance your outdoor living area if possible – again find cost effective ways to do so.

Inspections and Open Homes

  • 110% presentation
  • Brew coffee or bake bread to create that homely feel
  • Play soft music
  • Have a vase with fresh flowers
  • Make sure your home is a comfortable temperature
  • Ensure valuables and personal items are out of sight
  • Try to be out of the house when buyers inspect as they will feel more at ease
  • Keep the entrance to your home clean and web free. Some healthy plants near the front door will add to the ambience.

Feel welcome to give us a call if you would like a personalised prescription to prepare your property for market, we would be delighted to share our recommendations with you.