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Another Holiday, Plenty of Reason to Party and Maybe the Market has Bottomed

May 3, 2019

Market trends Real Estate Selling

Welcome to this week’s ponderings… Easter and Anzac are over for another year, but they will most certainly not be forgotten and now Steve Dickson is in the news for his misbehaviour and out on his ear and in a while will be totally forgotten and next week will bring new headlines – some good […]

Announcement made and maybe it’s Party Time or maybe it’s not.

April 12, 2019

Market trends Real Estate

Welcome to this week’s ponderings… Are you waiting for the election or are you moving forward with your plans regardless? Either way, it’s no longer pending it’s announced – 18th May 2019 – 5 weeks away… https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/live/2019/apr/11/australian-election-campaign-2019-officially-under-way-politics-live Put your dancing gear on and get set to tap your pencil at the ballot box, or not. […]

Good or Bad Oil as Proposed Change to Negative Gearing Looms

April 4, 2019

Market trends Real Estate

Welcome to this week’s ponderings… With the impending announcement of a Federal Election, there’s considerable speculation about many proposed changes should there be a change of Government. Certainly, real estate and current taxation laws will be a huge factor and as I’ve shared before in my digital blog, the proposed changes to Negative Gearing legislation […]

Agent Sounds Warning, Yet Records are Still Being Broken

March 29, 2019

Market trends Real Estate Selling

Well, well. Market has slowed up a bit and one agent is taking the major real estate body to task on their latest report using all the emotive words and phrases which of course sells papers. The essence of the newspaper article headed “Agent Sounds Warning”, was that one agent believes there is (and I […]

Economic Outlook

March 14, 2019

Market trends Real Estate

Welcome to my ponderings and hope you like a long read… People have been asking about the future economic outlook and the impact of that on real estate and with that in mind, the financial report below looked interesting from the outset, so I read all the way through. Surprise, surprise, because as you know, […]

Valuer General’s Report

March 8, 2019

Market trends Real Estate Selling

Welcome to my ponderings…. In response to a client sharing the current Valuer Generals Assessments that came out this week, the following conversations were had. First conversation with David who shared the report with me: “Interesting read indeed and looks good. As always it is historical data and relies heavily on market activity in the […]

The Day After and The Buying Public

January 31, 2019

Market trends Real Estate

Welcome to my ponderings…. Well it is more like it is the week after and the immediate future rather than the day after. With the amount of activity around, the days are very busy indeed. Busy Days are Happy Days… They say make hay while the sun shines and all of that and my message […]

Australia Day

January 25, 2019

Lifestyle Market trends Real Estate

Welcome to my ponderings…. Happy Australia Day! Doesn’t matter what religious, political, national or international view you take or belief system you follow, what is undeniably true, we live in a magnificent country full of magnificent people from varied cultural backgrounds that all contribute to the most varied of lifestyles. Is that worth celebrating? You […]

Lying Agents…

January 25, 2019

Market trends Real Estate Selling

Welcome to my ponderings…. Let’s face it, real estate agents don’t rank high on the “trust” list and that is due to incredibly dumb agents doing incredibly dumb things like telling fibs (bending the truth) and outright lying. Thankfully they are in the minority these days but sadly, they tarnish the whole barrel. This past […]

First Real Week 2019 Boots n All

January 11, 2019

Market trends Real Estate

Welcome to my ponderings…. Well, well, well… This first week has proven to be the opposite of the doomsday predicts. (Must admit though, I’m happy not to be trying to sell in Sydney or Melbourne and especially if I purchased within the past 12/18months) We have hit the ground running with highest levels of appraisals […]

Hello 2019!

January 4, 2019

Market trends Real Estate

Welcome to the first of 2019’s ponderings…. We hope you had a peaceful, loving and joyous holiday break and this finds you well. Now that 2019 has arrived, I guess you might be wondering what is likely to happen with real estate over the coming months. Two industry leaders for whom I have immense respect […]

The Year That Was 2018

December 13, 2018

Market trends Real Estate

Welcome to this week’s ponderings…. Well, well, well. Time has flown by, caught up with most and bypassed some! What a year 2018 has been. We’ve helped people move in move out and on with their lives in and out of their dream homes, units and blocks of land. We’ve engaged new staff some stayed […]

Variant Behaviours, The Seasons and Future Prosperity

November 20, 2018

Market trends Real Estate Selling

Welcome to this week’s ponderings…. This past week or so has seen many things and people’s variant behaviours popping up and not necessarily conducive to either their well-being or future prosperity. “So, what in heaven’s name is he talking about now?” You might very well ask. The information as to market conditions have been rife […]

Holiday Blues and When the Time is Right

November 7, 2018

Market trends Real Estate Selling

Welcome to this week’s ponderings…. So, now the holiday is over the fun begins? Well not immediately anyway. As you know, the first response to coming down from a holiday is a series of ups and downs and doldrums over what was and the inevitable: “Wow was that real or was it just a figment […]


June 29, 2018

Buying Market trends Selling

Welcome to this week’s ponderings…. There are many answers as to what is happening in our immediate area, Brisbane district and interstate markets. Our experience is that activity is a bit “muffled” presently and there are many others who concur with that thought. By “muffled”, I mean the “hype” in activity that was about late […]

10 Things Going On At The Sunshine Coast And What Else

May 31, 2018

Market trends

Welcome to this week’s ponderings…. Our new recruits Theresa and Neil are keeping us on our toes with incredible amounts of energy and following through on their convictions – warms my heart to see and encourage them. Methinks they have very bright futures indeed. Talking about bright futures, I have come across some very interesting […]

Agents Replaced by Robotics – No Way and a Couple of Reasons Why

May 17, 2018

Market trends Real Estate Real Estate Tips

Welcome to this week’s ponderings…. Hello and, how are you? Did you enjoy Mother’s Day celebrations and get enough rest and recuperation? Surely hope you did as there are few people more precious than Mums and they deserve all the rest they can and/or did get… No, I’m not trying to ingratiate myself for the […]

Banking Royal Commission, Other Bank Referral Behaviours Creating Rickety Bridges over Troubled Waters.

May 8, 2018

Market trends Real Estate

Welcome to my ponderings…. These past weeks the banking sector is in the limelight for a number of misdemeanors and to quote former ACCC chairman Allan Fels: “The banking royal commission has revealed more systemic, shocking and unconscionable behaviour than could have been predicted and corporate watchdog ASIC may have grown “too close” to the […]

Gearing Your Investment – Or not

February 9, 2018

Market trends Real Estate

Welcome to this week’s ponderings… With the latest “hiccups” in the stock market many investors look to be popping out of shares and back into property and as my colleague Kelly Charpentier from the Brisbane office pointed out in her weekly report, there are opportunities not to be missed. I thought if you had considered […]


October 19, 2017

Market trends Real Estate Tips Selling

Welcome to this week’s ponderings… Well, well, things haven’t changed much – the rain is still falling in our neck of the woods. Interesting isn’t it, we haven’t had rain for such a long time and the minute it hangs around for much longer than a week, it becomes old hat and boring to many […]