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Holiday Blues and When the Time is Right

November 7, 2018

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Welcome to this week’s ponderings…. So, now the holiday is over the fun begins? Well not immediately anyway. As you know, the first response to coming down from a holiday is a series of ups and downs and doldrums over what was and the inevitable: “Wow was that real or was it just a figment […]

Approval or No Approval

August 24, 2018

Buying Real Estate Selling

Welcome to this week’s ponderings…. Amazing! People are still doing things without getting approval… At times we need some extra space and proceed to convert garages into bedrooms commonly called store rooms, build a garden shed over the sewer easement or install a roof over the patio for better use of the space. Very often […]

Pearl’s Perils of Doing It on The Cheap.

August 16, 2018

Real Estate Real Estate Tips Selling

Welcome to this week’s ponderings…. Well, well seems to be a series of “Perils” of late – all around the globe there are perils of some sort. Drought, floods, volcanoes, and the latest a major bridge in Genoa collapsed – tragedy after tragedy. Closer to home of course, is the dreaded drought the farmers are […]

Perils of Doing It Yourself

August 10, 2018

Real Estate Real Estate Tips Selling

Welcome to this week’s ponderings…. Following up on last week, I promised to chat about the Seller/Buyer (SB for confidentiality) and the Owner Agent (OA for confidentiality) and the implications of Do It Yourself selling that unfolded over the past month or so for a client of ours. SB called us in to appraise their […]

One Stop Shop and Perils of Managing your Own

August 3, 2018

Real Estate

Welcome to this week’s ponderings…. Hmmm, it has been an interesting period over the past year or so all about saving money and DYI selling, buying and/or property management. This week has seen two quite dramatic and opposite ends of the scale of extremes for a couple of our clients and I think this happens […]

Your New Role as a Tax Collection Agent

July 13, 2018

Buying Real Estate Selling

Welcome to this week’s ponderings…. Don’t know if you noticed but we are well into the new financial year and having to contend with more government red tape on contracts and any related GST component that may or may not be involved. It appears to be well founded in that the aim of the government […]


June 29, 2018

Buying Market trends Selling

Welcome to this week’s ponderings…. There are many answers as to what is happening in our immediate area, Brisbane district and interstate markets. Our experience is that activity is a bit “muffled” presently and there are many others who concur with that thought. By “muffled”, I mean the “hype” in activity that was about late […]

10 Things Going On At The Sunshine Coast And What Else

May 31, 2018

Market trends

Welcome to this week’s ponderings…. Our new recruits Theresa and Neil are keeping us on our toes with incredible amounts of energy and following through on their convictions – warms my heart to see and encourage them. Methinks they have very bright futures indeed. Talking about bright futures, I have come across some very interesting […]

We’ve Grown - Who’s New and Who’s Who

May 25, 2018


Welcome to this week’s ponderings…. There have been a couple of major changes here recently and that is in new roles being filled. If you have been following us on facebook, Rene will most likely have let the cat out of the bag and you will already be in the know so maybe not so […]

Agents Replaced by Robotics – No Way and a Couple of Reasons Why

May 17, 2018

Market trends Real Estate Real Estate Tips

Welcome to this week’s ponderings…. Hello and, how are you? Did you enjoy Mother’s Day celebrations and get enough rest and recuperation? Surely hope you did as there are few people more precious than Mums and they deserve all the rest they can and/or did get… No, I’m not trying to ingratiate myself for the […]

The Corner Starts Before the Bend – Mick Doohan

May 14, 2018

Real Estate Selling

Welcome to my ponderings…. An absolutely joyous and fun filled Mother’s Day to all Mums this Sunday – have fun! Well, well, it was budget time again. Normally I don’t follow those things very closely as I have always believed if I work hard, be good and pay my taxes things will always work out […]

Banking Royal Commission, Other Bank Referral Behaviours Creating Rickety Bridges over Troubled Waters.

May 8, 2018

Market trends Real Estate

Welcome to my ponderings…. These past weeks the banking sector is in the limelight for a number of misdemeanors and to quote former ACCC chairman Allan Fels: “The banking royal commission has revealed more systemic, shocking and unconscionable behaviour than could have been predicted and corporate watchdog ASIC may have grown “too close” to the […]

Intrinsic Value and Who You Listen to Makes All the Difference

April 19, 2018

Buying Real Estate

Welcome to my ponderings…. Well, I never realized how much time and effort the Games took until I became involved by attending a few events and trying to keep up with Rene doing her volunteering. Was a totally new and amazing experience for me and I just don’t know how Rene did what she did, […]

How Much Does It Cost? Not necessarily What We Think

April 19, 2018


Welcome to my ponderings once again… I was going to write about some information I received from US on the cost of selling a home over there including prepping, commissions and taxes. Somehow that doesn’t seem appropriate – really, who cares how much it costs over there? That doesn’t impact us does it. What it […]

Should It Be Agent for Seller or Buyer?

April 19, 2018

Real Estate Selling

Welcome to my ponderings once again and Happy Easter! Another recent occurrence, one of the many conundrums for home owners is that they can be inundated with claims by some agents that those same agents have buyers for their property or better still, a massive data base of buyers for their property. This can be […]

It’s All Worth It After All…

March 21, 2018

Buying Real Estate Selling

Welcome to my ponderings once again. Over past weeks I’ve been writing about Building and Pest issues, people being sold up with nowhere to go, the fallacy of work life balance, the change in market conditions locally and generally and how the speed of things makes life not only stressful but interesting and alive! Well […]

The Distant Past, Most Recent Past and a Possible Future

March 15, 2018

Real Estate

Welcome to our ponderings and thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. How about a bird’s eye view of how our Caloundra and surrounds have changed, how last year’s market was impacted with results, and what it might be like in the immediate future. Like other pre-marketing items, this one raises its […]

Getting Clear, Pre-Marketing Item not to be Ignored and All Sold Up with No Where to Go

March 7, 2018

Buying Selling

Welcome to our ponderings and the subject matters could be related depending on your view point… Like other pre-marketing items, this one raises its ugly head when ignored but is generally avoidable with the right advice thus saving much heartache. Recently, I was made aware of a sale that went awry when the Build and […]

Work Life Balance – Ha, Ha, that’s a Joke, It’s more like The Hokey Pokey!

February 28, 2018


Welcome to our ponderings for yet another time in the seemingly never-ending cycle of not enough time as the year is off and racing… At the beginning of the year I wrote about the speed of passing time and how it is a great idea to take time out, smell the roses and look after […]

Airbnb, Legislation and Crime Awareness

February 23, 2018


Welcome to our ponderings … It’s been a busy time of it all and aside from chatting on the phone, having coffee breaks and attending inspections amongst other things, I get lots of notices from industry bodies with regards to legislation changes, legalese reminders and other pertinent matters that we have to keep abreast of […]