Transactional or Transitional Agents and Something Embarrassing

Welcome to my ponderings….

Hmmm, where should we start on this little journey?
I know because it’s embarrassing, I’ll leave it til last 😇

As the word suggests, it’s all about transaction and a transactional agent is one who is All about the transaction – as many listings, as many viewings, as many sales as possible with little regard for the human content. The only thing the transactional agent has any real time for is the transaction – when, where and how much, how quick and ultimately with very little regard for the financial outcome – their minds scream “Just get it sold” and with that a lot goes out the window and often it is “best price”.

As this word suggests, it relates to change and the process of change from one form into another. Now, the transitional agent is the one focused on keeping everyone happy during what is a major change of form – the sale of the family home. Massive and stressful and the transitional agent often doesn’t want to be part of or contribute to the stress of change.

But the reality is, change in any form is stressful and it is just the degree that varies.
A purely transitional agent will avoid the stress at any cost, but the cost can be a result of a poor price and a drawn-out process.

Any well-balanced practice needs to involve empathy for those involved as to desired outcomes including price and timeline; But without ongoing focus on the transactional details, the results will be less than desirable because no one is put under any pressure to make decisions. Often the buyer is left to their own devices and the owner is never really given the full truth about what is going on for fear of upsetting someone and maybe losing the sale.
The problem is without tough love, nothing changes, and the sale usually gets lost anyway.

Something to leave you think on and if you decide Transactional then expect very little empathy for where you are at and if you decide Transitional, then expect a touchy-feely nice time where you are not entirely sure where you stand at any given point in time.

Maybe the ideal agent would be a good blend of both?

Here is a sample of what a combination of transactional and transitional agent can look like as experienced and expressed by Mr Geoffrey Bick:

“Anybody could do it’ is the boast from the ubiquitous party expert; However, the sign of a true professional is making a relatively difficult task look easy.

A ‘hands on man’ from way back I nervously entrusted the sale of my property to Petro and Rene.
We consumers have become accustomed to the hoopla and magic spun by the ever-competitive real estate industry and I was initially, surprised, suspicious even concerned by Petro’s low key, lay back approach. However, my faith was progressively restored.

Petro’s quiet professionalism very quickly scored results at all stages, of what I thought was going to be a difficult sales process. The market wasn’t on the boil, so diligence was required and to my surprise he quickly had a buyer’s deposit in his trust account.
There was no magic involved, just an honest and sincere approach to all issues thrown at him.

I discovered my fears were unfounded and the simple effectiveness of Petro and Rene’s approach astounded me. Way above my price and time expectations, the results speak for themselves.

I will be recommending Petro and Rene to all looking for a quick, hassle free and top results sale of their most valuable asset. Because of them, my faith has been restored in the real estate industry.
Geoffrey Bick – Battery Hill
PS If any of your prospective customers want to speak directly to me please feel free to give them my number.”

Thank you for sharing Geoffrey.

Now, for the Something Embarrassing Part.
Sounds a bit like something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Over a week ago, I discovered the parking sensors in my car were no longer working and became quite concerned and disarmed so to speak. After scouring through the manual looking for possible causes and checking out the fuse system – which I “sighted” and decided that was just too scary to get involved with; I contacted the service manager of the Honda dealership here in town and booked it in for a thorough checking.

After a week of being a little worried, this morning arrived, and I headed on down to the dealer out at Little Mountain to get things fixed!
After all the vehicle is only 7000km old and why are vehicles these days so electrified and computerised?
What happened to the half dozen fuses that took care of everything we needed to get us from A to B?

Anyway, I arrived dropped in the key ready for a long walk back to the office (can do with the exercise) when Gavin the service manager, says:

“Hang on, you said it ‘just stopped working’”
“Yes, was my reply, why?”
“Well he says let’s just have a look”

With that we went to the driver’s side and sure enough I literally had disarmed myself! I had unwittingly turned off the parking sensors. There’s even a switch there! How embarrassing! To say the least….

After a good belly laugh, turning a bit blue and red with embarrassment, off I went about my business.

But as with any negative there is always a positive and over the past week, I have actually improved my parking skills whilst not relying on the sensors. Must admit though, I’m glad they are back.

Until next week, Happy Listing, Selling, turning on the Switches and Staying Positive…

PS Please feel free to share this with anyone you feel may benefit from it.

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Transactional or Transitional Agents and Something Embarrassing