Barrels, Bad Apples and Beautiful Sunny Days

Welcome to my ponderings….

I just realised what I wrote at the end of the last pondering and it went like this:
“I must say our experience is mostly very positive. But it’s like the apple barrel, just one or two can and often do, spoil a beautiful sunny day. And as one of those agents, I thank you and your buying friends for your past endeavours and in advance for future ones.”

Now, what was I referring to when I said, “as one of those agents”? Was I referring to me being a Bad Apple, the Barrel itself or a Beautiful Sunny Day? Hmmm, go on, read it again and decide…

Naturally I was referring to being one of those agents in the barrel and not being a bad one. But now I read it again, I could be misconstrued as being a bad apple or the beautiful sunny day being spoiled by the bad apples. I think I’d rather be considered as the sunny day. 😊

Funny isn’t it, what we say and write can be so easily misunderstood and just as easily misquoted.
What has this to do with real estate – as usual, could be nothing or could be everything.

The owners of one of our listings have been getting a lot of on-site contact with buyers by inserting themselves into the conversations and sometimes actually taking buyers on a tour. Naturally the owners just want to sell their property and believe they are doing the right thing.

But the problem is, those same buyers have discussions that are friendly and sweet and all the while assessing how in need of a sale the owner might be through focusing on the negatives.

In response, the owners naturally defend their property and position and begin to explain why this and why that. What I’ve noticed happens through this process, is that the buyers begin to believe they become special and different in the race toward acquisition.

Not only that but both parties become confused about what was or wasn’t said and what is correct or incorrect understanding of matters. That happens as a result of each discussing from their own perspective and not really seeing the others point of view.

Moving forward, added challenges come when talking price. Buyers come armed with feeling special and different and sufficient information that they think is correct evidence for placing low ball offers.
Before I can bring any sense to the negotiations, we have to wade through a series of “we said” “they said” and before long, they either get most annoyed with someone (usually not themselves) or end the conversation with “Well if I knew that was the case, I wouldn’t have proceeded at all” Even though they were told “the case” in the first place.

As a result of those interactions between sellers and buyers, it can become highly likely a property won’t move forward to a timely conclusion. Then, other buyers approach with – “There must be something wrong with the property after all” and it sits longer.

Often the thought is it must be price when it can simply be misunderstanding and as a result, misdirection. Which happens when two people try to influence each other with their own story and position.

This is why we ask sellers not to be present at viewings and leave us to do our job – to negotiate on the sellers’ behalf in such a way that accommodates the buyers’ point of view and influences them to move forward with an offer that is favourable to the sellers.

An effective agent should be able to see both points of view, stay neutral and not get involved in being a “friend” – it simply doesn’t work. However, it shouldn’t stop us from being friendly.

In negotiating best outcomes, the agent needs to not be in need of an outcome and ought to impart to both parties what the other party wants, needs or desires to arrive at an outcome that brings joy to all.

For some that can mean getting either the barrel the good apples or the beautiful sunny day.

So, in support of getting the most apples for your barrel, let your agent do and say everything that needs to be said and if that agent is a good apple, your result will most likely be a beautiful sunny day.

Until next time, here’s to your success in listing and selling your castle!

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Barrels, Bad Apples and Beautiful Sunny Days