Lying Agents…

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Let’s face it, real estate agents don’t rank high on the “trust” list and that is due to incredibly dumb agents doing incredibly dumb things like telling fibs (bending the truth) and outright lying.
Thankfully they are in the minority these days but sadly, they tarnish the whole barrel.

This past few weeks I have been questioned over and over about how can you pick an honest agent to work with? Well if you haven’t had; direct contact, either past dealings or friend’s recommendation, not too sure about the agent reviews both testimonials and other agent review sites that are popping up everywhere, (I’ve even known some who write their own testimonials), then it is extremely difficult to know what you might be letting yourself in for. For some the outcomes have been catastrophic.

What to do?
In speaking with my Brisbane colleagues lots of thoughts have come across the table but the best one I have heard of is this:

If there is an agent who comes across as “genuine” and one you might like to work with, go to one of their open homes and remember the dialogue you might have with that person.

Be mindful to give (and get) specific feedback about the property to the agent that might impact the line of communication back to the owner somewhat significantly and feedback that is easy for you to recall.

Also, be mindful of the types of questions and answers the agent asks of and gives to you.

Here is a sample of some of the questions you could ask:
• Why are the sellers selling?
• What’s their motivation?
• Are they negotiable on price?
• If so, what’s the price they would accept?

Some of the answers you get might already raise alarm bells for you – particularly the last two.

Now suitably armed, make contact with the property owner, the same day or a couple of days later giving the agent time to report full details to them.
Explain to the owner that you are looking for an honest agent to handle your sale and would they be willing to give you some feedback on the agent they are using.

Once agreement is made, then proceed to ask what feedback they were given on particular responses you made to the agent and see where it all leads….
(You would be surprised how willing owners are to help and it may even benefit them too, knowing one way or another the outcome of such an excursion.)

You may be fortunate to have found a good one (agent) and on the other hand, you may have been fortunate to avoid a potential disaster.

The market here in the Sunshine Coast is still very active but not overactive and this should be a part of, not all of, your strategy in finding the one for you – after all it is a massively significant decision you are making in choosing the right agent to look after your interests honestly.

Until next time Happy Choosing, Listing and Selling – catch up then.

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