First Real Week 2019 Boots n All

Welcome to my ponderings….

Well, well, well…
This first week has proven to be the opposite of the doomsday predicts.
(Must admit though, I’m happy not to be trying to sell in Sydney or Melbourne and especially if I purchased within the past 12/18months)

We have hit the ground running with highest levels of appraisals for the beginning of a year that I’ve seen in a long time PLUS record numbers at our opens.

Buyers are out in force and owners are wanting to move on – seems like a year of major decisions and change for a lot of people. Numerologically speaking (Yes there he goes again… ☺️) 2019 is a 3 year and that’s supposed to mean good things are on the horizon.

Well it certainly appears so.
Already we have listed and come to agreement of sale on the unit at Esplanade Kings Beach, we have spoken and appraised with many owners and listed 3 properties so far and talking with lots of buyers at our opens generally.

Now that is all well and good you might say but what could it mean for you?

I mentioned last week the advice from agent A2 which was:
“Buy when everyone is selling and Sell when everyone is buying.”

It looks like the market has taken his advice because the buyers are out and properties are coming onto the market for them to buy. Buyers are not in massive droves but those who are, are serious about buying. A few have mentioned they’d been waiting to see if things fell further only to realize it wasn’t collapsing as they thought and after missing out on a couple, decided to just ignore the pundits and do what they needed to do – buy!

Presently there is still competition for buyers and the owners should benefit from that in getting solid prices – in one of our instances, a solid $15K above expectation.

The tables could turn of course if the number of sellers begins to give buyers not only too much choice but reduced competition – the old supply and demand routine. If that happens, worry about it then and in the meantime make hay while the sun shines, because worrying about it now will only hinder you.

Market activity to date this year is proving the faith of the market in the Sunshine Coast lifestyle – second to none, the coast has bucket loads of good infrastructure to offer and it’s coming your way up and down the coast and across to the hinterland.

Naturally, if properties are overpriced and under presented, then they will sit quite still and just as naturally if a property represents value and is properly presented, a fair and healthy result will take place. So, take your place in this market and whether you are buying or selling, just do it. After all it is a 3 year.

Until next time, Happy Listing Selling and Jumping in Boots n All….

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First Real Week 2019 Boots n All