The Year That Was 2018

Welcome to this week’s ponderings….

Well, well, well. Time has flown by, caught up with most and bypassed some!
What a year 2018 has been.

We’ve helped people move in move out and on with their lives in and out of their dream homes, units and blocks of land.

We’ve engaged new staff some stayed a while, and some didn’t stay at all.

In case you weren’t aware, Debra, who started with us last year after a spell out of the industry has moved on again. She told us she was leaving the industry. While here, we enjoyed her company and wish her all the best in her retirement from real estate.

Neil also moved on based on that for him the stress of the job was too much. He is now back in the retail field and I believe to be enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle once again.

Tess who started with us in May is still here and going great guns!

She is a bundle of energy and willing to take on any challenge and along with the fact she has been handling two littlies on her own for the past half-decade, she is well versed in negotiation skills and stress management.

Having landed her first listing recently, Tess has also landed her first property video shoot and believe me handling the stress of that is a feat. Most agents will never put themselves in front of a camera let alone on a first listing – that takes courage!

So, Tess is now off and running and you will be fortunate to have her in your corner barracking for best price and best outcomes. Spread the word please!

Rene has persevered with me all year and put up with my foibles and the massive job of property management, office administration, client relationships, entertainment coordinator and running the house hold. She is a true BMW (Beautiful Magic Woman).

Max has settled nicely into his job as Office Security Advisor.

Last and certainly not least is you.
You who have been reading these blogs and hopefully getting insights into this industry in a more relaxed light-hearted way.
You who, with your support and ongoing encouragement, make our days worthwhile.
And you, who without you, we as a business entity would not exist. THANK YOU!

This year has reminded me yet again what a joy it is to be able to be of service in meaningful ways and what a joy it is to deal and work with people who can and do reciprocate that.
It is a tough enough job as it is without the unnecessary challenges some do present with and when that happens it is gratifying when we can help overcome them.
Sometimes that doesn’t happen, and we are reminded how imperfect we all are – ah well!

That was 2018 in a nutshell and now for 2019…

The big questions on everyone’s lips is how is the market going to perform, are we going to continue to get grand prices, are we going to continue to enjoy short times on market, will we be able to finance our next investment or new home? Just to name a few.

My answer is:
None of us really know and some of us can guess based on experience and trends etc.

At the end of the day, the market does what the market does, and we can only assist to the absolute best of our ability to influence the market by providing environments for your home to achieve the absolute best outcomes at any time.

The answer for 2019 I think, is to remain flexible and responsive to changes that not only appear to be coming our way but are coming sooner than most of us thought.

Our team is tight, supportive, realistic and operates out of integrity – only good things can come of that. As we are poised for a great 2019 and ready to be of service at all times.

So, together, let’s look forward to a bright bubbly and happy new year full of positive outcomes vibes and intentions for everyone.

All the best and have a wonderful Christmas and may all your wishes be realised in 2019!

Until next time Happy Listing, Selling and Maximising Your Results…

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The Year That Was 2018