Holiday Blues and When the Time is Right

Welcome to this week’s ponderings….

So, now the holiday is over the fun begins? Well not immediately anyway.

As you know, the first response to coming down from a holiday is a series of ups and downs and doldrums over what was and the inevitable:
“Wow was that real or was it just a figment of the imagination?”

No, it was not a figment of the imagination because there are the photos to prove it right?
Then we can say “Yep we were there, and it was like this and it was like that – we think”

Until some other information from the wilderness assaults our senses with reports of flooding and drownings in a part of the world, we had only just been in less than three weeks ago. Venice flooding, Rome drownings all due to fierce storms and heavy, heavy rains.

Oh, dear we said “Poor buggers, it wasn’t like that when we were there – we have the photos to prove it. Glad we went when we did and didn’t get caught in the washout”.

The point of this is not to show you how smart we were but how fortunate we were creating an event at a time in our lives that suited what felt perfectly right for us to do at the time.

There was no way we could have predicted the storms, when or where or how severe they might have been; but past experience taught us that certain times might be better than others.

The decision-making process boiled right down to “It felt right at the time”.

Similarly, that is generally about the only reliable sense us humans have anytime we might want to enter the market to buy, sell or rent. If it feels right take action and move forward.

Last week I spoke about hiccups, barking up the wrong tree and the apparent downturn in the market. This week different news has surfaced with impacts not so dire and recordings of fantastic results in some circles. That and past experience has taught me that no amount of listening to gurus, real estate agents, results, past history, economic forecasts, predictions about possible disasters and major successes will tell you what your future is going to be.

The only thing that will tell you what your future is going to look like is when you arrive at that future and the only way you can hope to arrive at your desired future is to take action that feels right and is in line with your desired outcomes.

My view point is to take action based on what feels right at the time for you and yours.

The minute you get all predictive and manipulative about outcomes, you can end up being led down a path that is right for someone else and no longer following what you know to be right for you.

Now I am not saying to be reckless and get all touchy feely about this because, there is still your history and experience to guide you. Combining the two, you can arrive at well thought out planned actions that should lead you in a direction that fits with where you wish to be.

I have found this to be true over and over and every time I’ve moved away from that, it’s gone haywire and not conducive to best outcomes.

Just like our holiday, there was no way we could have predicted the storms or the impact of those storms. Fortunately for us, we went when we did at a time that suited and everything worked out just fine with sunny days and light breezes. The world didn’t stop, and clients were still well served.

In the light of recent “downturns” in southern states, many people are asking when the best time is to buy, sell or rent. Which is fair enough indeed but when I ponder over those matters alongside past experiences, my conclusion is “When it feels right”.

Tomorrow the weather may change, or it may not, does that stop you planning for the beach? Wasn’t the planning for the beach a chance to take a break, relax and do something different?
And if the real reason was the break and relax then doesn’t matter the weather does.

Same with your real estate desires.
Is the decision to sell based on exactly the right point in space when all the planets should align perfectly according to predictive analysis outcomes and other people’s opinions?

OR is it based on what feels right for you to move forward at any particular point in time in your life?

The choice is always yours and yes, the holiday is over, blues are finished and the fun begins.

Love real estate and until next time, Happy Listing, Selling and Feeling Good…

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Holiday Blues and When the Time is Right