We’ve Grown - Who’s New and Who’s Who

Welcome to this week’s ponderings….

There have been a couple of major changes here recently and that is in new roles being filled. If you have been following us on facebook, Rene will most likely have let the cat out of the bag and you will already be in the know so maybe not so new for you.

In the event you don’t know, we have two more excellent people on board at Innov8 Sunshine Coast and they are Neil Car and Theresa Taylor.

Now our band of merry folks are Rene, Debra, Jenny, Jessie, Neil and Petro and roles are:

Rene – Master of all admin, rentals and sales support and direction – in short the Boss (I know who’s who)
Debra – Master sales consultant and general local long-term knowledge
Jenny – Master of accounts and the books
Jessie (soon to be Belinda) – Master of tenancy applicant audits
Neil – Master of youth and enthusiasm
Theresa – Master of admin support
Petro – Master of none but as principal licensee, Jack of all trades

You already know Rene, Debra and myself but may not be aware of Jenny and Jessie – both these ladies give have been giving us invaluable support from the Brisbane office. Sadly, Jessica has family commitments and will be moving on and we welcome Belinda who is taking over her role for now.

Happily, Theresa and Neil have arrived and it’s great to have them on board.

Theresa is casual for now and comes with keen attention to detail and an aliveness and sense of humour that is refreshing and supportive to our work place and productive in terms of outcomes for our clients.
Theresa has been out of the workforce for quite some time being home negotiator and organizer as a Mum and brings with her those fabulous negotiation and organizational skills forged from raising a family.
As her family life permits, Theresa plans to progress into a full-time role in the future.

Neil is permanent and comes from a Customer services, HR Training and Store services background forged from working in family business, Woolworths and most recently as HR manager for an independent supermarket group. Not only is his immense enthusiasm catching, the outcome for you is the benefits his strong work ethic, keen organizational skills and interpersonal skills will bring.
The main benefit being great outcomes of any negotiation he is involved with.

But more than that, both Theresa and Neil bring with them integrity, good humouredness, trustworthiness amazing interpersonal skills and above all good hearts.

Some their friends have said, “Wow, what a vast change of profession!”
In a nutshell, they have what’s required to produce top results in any real estate process so watch this space.

For now, you may not come into much contact with Theresa, but the results of her efforts are already evident in the many things we others have just not had the time to attend to.

Neil is finding his way and already out and about meeting with folk so don’t be surprised if you see or hear of him in your neighbourhood.

We welcome Theresa and Neil on board and wish them and anyone who deals with them great success, longevity and mutually rewarding outcomes.

Until next time, Happy Listing, Selling and Negotiating for Better Outcomes…

PS Looks like the tightening of lending is impacting the market with reports from Sydney that buyers who might have been preapproved a month or so ago at $1M are now struggling to get $880K which is impacting things down there… For more info click here

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We’ve Grown - Who’s New and Who’s Who