Agents Replaced by Robotics – No Way and a Couple of Reasons Why

Welcome to this week’s ponderings….

Hello and, how are you?
Did you enjoy Mother’s Day celebrations and get enough rest and recuperation?

Surely hope you did as there are few people more precious than Mums and they deserve all the rest they can and/or did get…

No, I’m not trying to ingratiate myself for the things I forgot last weekend (because I didn’t) I just think that it is a good idea to recount and not forget why and what we celebrate each other for because otherwise we just become robots going back and forth doing the same old thing day in day out and not giving real appreciation for those who care, and we care about.

Talking about robots, I was recently asked yet again my level of concern for being replaced by robots even Purple People Eater type ones How could we be I suggested, after all, it is highly unlikely the coming of robotics and levels of automation within our industry will ever replace the truly caring agents.

Well this week I thought it be a good thing to share some information I’ve both gleaned from public forums and thought about, to present you a couple of reasons why we agents won’t be replaced by robotics.
Hope you like it and of course agree.

Real Estate is not a one-stop-shop solution.
The world is still a long way away from seeing a robot that can effectively run the sale process from start to finish.  In the US bots are being placed in seller’s homes to answer questions and collect data.

Others are little more than an iPad on a stick driven remotely by a human. Then there are ones used for virtual home tours using a 360-degree camera and sensors to roam properties and produce a video. 

Sure, they’re pretty cool – but none are standalone solutions. 

Even if a robot existed that did the whole kit and caboodle, there would still be a long list of supporting techs required to actually begin using it. 

Take open homes, for example: a robot could open the door, collect details and show potential buyers around. For that to be a viable option, the seller would’ve needed to invest in some pretty serious set-up – motion sensors for the wine rack and a secure home pin-code system, for a start.

Come to think of it, who’s going to drop the bot off before the open home – and pick it up after? Who’s going to make sure it’s fully charged? Who’ll be on standby in case it goes on the fritz?  
You guessed it. A human.

Sweet human emotion.
Selling your house is a highly emotional process – but when it comes to the art of negotiation, emotion is the first thing that needs to get checked at the door. Instead, what’s required is a healthy dose of empathy. This is where a real estate agent can be worth their weight in gold if they are on the ball.

Agents ought to be impartial third parties where the property is concerned but yet hold the ability to connect with the emotions of both the seller and the buyer.

This point goes to the very heart of why robots simply won’t remove the need for real estate agents: real estate is a people business. How does a robot build rapport, trust, a connection unless they are R2D2 from Star Wars – loved that little guy.

Surely you want to feel like you’re not just another number and that requires personal investment.  

Agents are professionals at reading signals; knowing when to squeeze and when to fold.
This is one of the reasons why they should be your best bet for getting you the top price.

Even real estate businesses clambering to get in on the digital employee phenomenon, agree that proper negotiation simply cannot be done by a robot. 

Also, the risk for a seller personally negotiating the sale of their house is huge for example:

How does Mr or Mrs Seller, who have raised a family within their 4 walls, remove their emotions from the process? Or what happens when your Buyer remarks that the recently renovated bathroom looks tacky? 

I’ve seen many an emotional seller (and I’ve been one) question whether they’ve set the asking price too high or go the complete opposite direction and snub a potential buyer because of remarks made.

Negotiations are a delicate balancing act – more art than science – and the stakes are high.

The robotic type/style agents out there might get mistaken for a robot and are likely to be replaced by warm, caring and fun-loving humans who can read the play and respond accordingly to negotiate hard to put more in your pocket.

The day a robot can do that is likely to be the day they take over the world now that is a scary thought.

Until next time, Happy Listing and Selling and celebrate those who care – they are irreplaceable…

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Agents Replaced by Robotics – No Way and a Couple of Reasons Why