10 Things Going On At The Sunshine Coast And What Else

Welcome to this week’s ponderings….

Our new recruits Theresa and Neil are keeping us on our toes with incredible amounts of energy and following through on their convictions – warms my heart to see and encourage them.

Methinks they have very bright futures indeed.

Talking about bright futures, I have come across some very interesting facts about the state of The Sunshine Coast from well renowned industry analyst Michael Matusik and in the past, he has been surprisingly accurate, so we tend to take some notice of his results.

The following link is from “Matusik Missive by independent property analyst, Michael Matusik.  Every week Michael shares his thoughts on the Australian housing market.  Visit www.matusik.com.au to find out more.”

For immediate access to all of his latest analysis click here:

For me the stand outs are his Property Clock and his table of values and changes. His points are salient and most interesting, suggesting to me what we’ve thought for a little while now – that things will hold fast for a bit and maybe flounder but no disaster on the horizon for property.

His comments on job losses in construction could be worrying but as he points out the job market in other areas has strengthened considerably in comparison and to me it looks like for the first time in a long time we may not be so dependent on the construction industry as we have in the past.

And his positioning of us on his Property Clock suggests to me we are still in the upturn phase which is also a confidence booster. But how long will it be before we get to the downturn period between 12 and 3 is not spelled out and my personal opinion is that it will be more of a stagnation rather than a downturn.

So, all in all good news for our immediate future here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast where apart from the necessary rains, it is very Sunny indeed. As they say, beautiful one day and perfect the next.

In short why do Whales Jump? Just click to find out

Until next time, Happy Listing, Selling and Being Happy…

PS Next week, we are two years old here at Innov8 Sunshine Coast and despite one serious person who reckons I act like a two-year-old at times, (we won’t say who), I have a serious proposition for you if you live within 30km of our office and are thinking of selling – more next week….

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10 Things Going On At The Sunshine Coast And What Else