How Much Does It Cost? Not necessarily What We Think

Welcome to my ponderings once again…

I was going to write about some information I received from US on the cost of selling a home over there including prepping, commissions and taxes.

Somehow that doesn’t seem appropriate – really, who cares how much it costs over there? That doesn’t impact us does it. What it costs here is what matters to you surely.

But guess what?
As important as that may be, I’m not going to ponder over that either because there are the Commonwealth Games going on at the present time and that is a pretty big deal in our lives.

The spirit of these games is Destiny, Equality and Humanity…

And I’m not going to bang on about the cost of setting up the infrastructure or the cost of the Opening Ceremony – which was just magnificent!

I’m not going to remark on what it must cost to engage security staff, a couple of hundred vehicles to transport officials around the coast and the venues along with the huge number of public transport personnel making sure everyone is getting to where they are going in an orderly, stress-free and safe manner. That too is magnificent!

Along with that I’m also not going to go on about what it must cost the huge number of volunteers that are assisting and attending to the thousands of guests and spectators visiting the games. They too are magnificent!

You see, I went there to watch the artistic gymnastics yesterday and that was magnificent!

No, I am not going to go on about the cost of athletes, their coaches and families getting up each and every day doing what they do and then travel from around the globe and Australia along with the distress of the highs and lows of winning and losing or the injuries involved along the way to be the absolute best they can be.

Why am I not going to consider, deliberate, ponder or even hazard a guess on any of that?

Because I don’t have a clue whatsoever and can only comment on my experience of the small yet massive part of what I did see and feel.

I was sitting watching those athletes with their fabulously trained, honed bodies going through their paces in chasing a medal and working at being the best they can absolutely be, and it was magnificently stunning to watch and experience to say the least.

I was totally enrapt and in awe of their capacity – not in my wildest dreams did I think it would be like that to see it in real life – it was amazing!

But you know what really took my breath away?

It was when after what must have been years of blood sweat and tears of training and support, along with the infrastructure and creation of bringing these Games together, it was when in the blink of an eye, one of those magnificent athletes made the most miniscule of errors and faulted, none of that mattered. Not one bit.

Yes, for those who did falter, their disappointment was felt around the sports centre and expressed by the crowd in one split second but the look on the athlete’s bodies said it all.

And you know what? They picked themselves up and completed the job – Magnificently.

They did that in the spirit of themselves and their Destiny, Equality and Humanity!

I know this doesn’t appear to be about real estate, but at some level it has everything to do with real estate along with everything else in our day to day lives.

How much does that cost? You tell me.

Until next time, Happy Listing, Selling and Buying and working out the cost of that…

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How Much Does It Cost? Not necessarily What We Think