The Distant Past, Most Recent Past and a Possible Future

Welcome to our ponderings and thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.

How about a bird’s eye view of how our Caloundra and surrounds have changed, how last year’s market was impacted with results, and what it might be like in the immediate future.

Like other pre-marketing items, this one raises its ugly head when ignored but is generally avoidable with the right advice thus saving much heartache.

Did You Know?
In the distant past, Debra Hyde and I grew up in Caloundra and at the time for us, Caloundra extended from Currimundi out to Little Mountain and down to Diamond Head (South Golden Beach) areas and that was pretty much it.

Caloundra as far as we are concerned is still the wonderful town we grew up in, even though it has expanded immensely to include some 16 different suburbs and or localities all under the one post code 4551. Not to mention the parks, schools, shopping centers, clubs, taverns and many a round-about – Amazing!

I remember looking at a block of land over at Shelly foreshore for sale at $4,000 many years ago and said to myself “You’ve got to have rocks in your head – I can get a new ute for that”. Well, both determined and unknowing, I bought the ute and the rest is history…

Now though, and along with Rene, we have a combined 150 years of local knowledge and are on a mission to make all of your real estate transactions painless, stress free and financially rewarding. Particularly, we provide one-on-one service to a limited number of clients.

Because Caloundra is the fabulous place it’s always been, 2017 was also amazing!

Anything that came onto the market not only sold and/or leased in a brief period but for great prices as well.
This of course converted into much pleasure for the selling owners and confidence for others for the future. Pockets of the Caloundra region did extremely well and other areas held their own – the details following will give you some idea in that regard.

Generally, the buyers have come from a broad range mostly looking for homes with lock up garaging, 4 beds a couple of bathrooms and good family living spaces offering quiet areas for individual members of the household and I don’t think that is likely to change in a hurry.

Oh, and good side access was and is always a bonus – even better with suitable sheds.

Now out of all those suburbs, here is a snapshot of sales in a few of those areas in 2017

SUBURB HOUSES No Sold/Av Sale UNITS No Sold/Av Sale

Dicky Beach 25/ $1,048,916 17/$328,417
Battery Hill 33/$535,484 22/$313,272
Moffat Beach 43/$802,174 12/$694,333
Currimundi Beach Side 28/$594,653 6/$440,833
Golden Beach 99/$620,130 91/$466,637

** Note: Dicky Beach average houses is up because of three sales along the foreshore of $2.8M & $3.8M as well as a $1.785M sale one street back overlooking the water.

Prices were certainly robust for the past 12-18 months and we are sure there will be stable growth and hopefully we can all start making longer term decisions with confidence again.

What is the outlook?
Stock levels are still low and prices are still great but the edge has just gone off ever so slightly. With the recent stock market hiccup, there has been some nervousness as to what might happen with interest rates even though they have been kept on hold for now. When that happens, investors increase their expectations on returns and that can put downward pressure on sell prices which in turn can put similar pressure on domestic sales even though stock levels are still extremely low.

Is that likely to continue?
As with anything, how long is a piece of string? Here on the Sunshine Coast the amount of investment into infrastructure now and into the future is sure to keep the area in demand.

Whether you live here, are thinking about living here or have friends that are, then you, them and Caloundra region are in for a bright future indeed.

Until next time, enjoy the opportunities that abound…

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The Distant Past, Most Recent Past and a Possible Future