It’s All Worth It After All…

Welcome to my ponderings once again.

Over past weeks I’ve been writing about Building and Pest issues, people being sold up with nowhere to go, the fallacy of work life balance, the change in market conditions locally and generally and how the speed of things makes life not only stressful but interesting and alive!

Well I have never felt more alive, grateful and content with what it is that we do at “innov8 Property Sunshine Coast” as I have this past week. Here is just one example…

You might remember the listing an hour and a bit drive away at Brighton on a good day and how the owner (let’s call her Sal) had nowhere to go etc.

Well, that came together on Saturday just gone when we attended a pre-settlement inspection for the buyer (let’s call him Jack) who happens to be in the younger generation category and from interstate.

Through all of it Jack was polite, courteous, most obliging in all his dealings with us and importantly respectful of Sal’s age and accommodating of her challenge of leaving a property she had loved and reared her family in for over 50 years.

Interestingly Sal felt she already knew Jack because of the reports we had been giving her on progress of the sale and his transitions from down south to Brighton.

They chittered and chatted about the past, present and the future.
About such things as the history of the house, his and his future bride’s intentions for the property, what it’s like for their transition from down south to Queensland and their fears of not fitting in just to mention a few.
Alongside, Sal has similar thoughts and fears of moving on from a past of love and happiness she had spent rearing her own children in the home as well as the letting go of all of that.

Most pre-settlement inspections take not much more than half an hour and the owner is often not present. Somehow, Sal’s presence seemed important for both of them and she was encouraged to stay and meet with Jack resulting in about 2 hours on site.

Well it was just delightful and filled my heart to be a part of the changing of the guard so to speak along with sharing their experience of a process that had thrown them together.

Watching and listening, it was like seeing Grandmother and Grandson (I mentioned Jack is from a younger generation) handing over, sharing and dreaming of a future while both were taking another step in the process of letting go of their pasts.

I’m yet again reminded of the massive impact buying and selling a home has for most people and how with that, comes all the stress, strain and challenges the process can present everyone with in finding solutions for people.

Sal’s and Jack’s experience overcame all that and as I reminisce last Saturday, tears are welling, smiles are beaming, and I know with absolute surety that is why Rene and I do what we do. Heart filling indeed.

Thank you, Sal and Jack, for letting us be a part of your journey.

Until next time, may your Listing Selling and Buying be filled with love laughter and happiness as well…

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It’s All Worth It After All…