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As you know, my ponderings don’t follow the normal rules of a real estate agent’s newsletter yet somehow manage to reflect something about real estate both in general or particular ways that may be going on in the daily life of our now small group of agents here at innov8 Property Sales Sunshine Coast. This week is no different – let me explain…

This time of year, we hand deliver magnetic fridge calendars to about 5000 homes in and around Caloundra – click here to see, and if you want one, let us know and we will either send it out to you or hand deliver (provided we have some left of course).

Back to the deliveries. They are done by three of us – two walking and dropping and the third driving behind to keep up the walkers’ supplies.

The system works really well UNTIL someone hurts themselves.

Last week Rene fell, rolling over onto her ankle while traversing a back-sloping gutter in Pelican Waters. Luckily it wasn’t broken but Ouch, Ouch and Ouch!

Very badly sprained it was and it blew up like a balloon. We had her back to the office to rest up, ice and strap it within about 15 minutes.

Now all of that is extremely painful and I’m very sorry for her that it happened.
However, as a result, I got first-hand reminders about what Rene does each and every day for me, our clients, the business along with our pets and friends – she is a dynamite of giving, doing and caring.

It was suddenly largely up to me to keep “things afloat” in the business and household.

I had to do everything and thankfully it was not too long before Rene was back on deck hopping along. She simply cannot and will not sit still.

This week we were back delivering magnets with Matthew (casual helper) and me walking while hop along was driving.

While I have always been thankful for Rene in my life, this gave me a hugely different appreciation for her – until now, I have not fully appreciated all the detail Rene goes to with the little pebbles in shifting the big rocks.

More often than not, it’s the little pebbles handled correctly that shift the big rocks.

Thank you Rene for your never-ending support and energy because without it we wouldn’t be able to do what do so well for our clients – shift the big rocks by arranging the pebbles.

We work together at innov8 – the very thing so often lost in larger organisations – in support of each other to shift the pebbles when and as required, so the big rocks are handled in a timely manner to achieve great results for our clients.

And talking about results, in our experience and contrary to popular belief, now and until the end of 2017, is a great time to set yourself up for a perfect start to 2018.

For optimum results, be sure to employ a team that knows the difference between pebbles and big rocks. Do that and you should receive a great surprise for 2018.

Here’s to Thankfulness, Gratitude, Pebbles and Big Rocks. We are Always at Your Service.

PS If you would like to find out more about pebbles and big rocks, call us now.

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