Welcome to this week’s ponderings…


Let’s start with the chocolates simply because I love chocolate – especially stronger flavoured dark chocolate. Bit like people really – I like the stronger straight forward folks who say it like it is and get on with the joy of living and sleeping easy at night.

What about you?


Well this week there has been a mixed bag of folks come across our path but mostly the dark chocolate lover type but I have had to eat the wrapper (so to speak).


Let me explain:

For a while now I have been a bit of a Negative Nelly with regard to print media in promoting properties and have steered away from it.

But, one of our clients recently said – “Don’t care, I want you to advertise my property in print” and we did, as instructed, in the Sunshine Coast Daily.


However, I thought hmmmm, it’s going to look a bit pale sitting out there on its own so we also created a group of adverts for different properties in another fortnightly magazine the “Coast and Hinterland” effectively creating a couple of pages of print advertising.


This was all at our cost by the way and to my utter surprise, it attracted a buyer for one of the other properties to the delight of the owner because that buyer made an offer that, after a multiple offer process, was accepted and is now under contract.


Now the buyer who saw the advert had not seen it on the internet and then checked it out on the internet, came over and fell in love – perfect for any budding sellers.


So out of the box came a nice pink cherry chocolate and I had to eat the wrapper of humble pie on taking out the advert in the first place.


I ate that wrapper with pleasure because, yet again, I was reminded not to be or stay single minded and there are always learnings at every tasting regardless of what the wrapper appears to look like. Effectively creating the opportunity to adjust view points and move forward right out of the box! As Forrest said “Life  is like a box of chocolates” it really is!


Now onto New Beginnings…


This week presented our very first property management clients with the listing of a home to rent at Mapleton. Now this client has been a selling client in the past and have been very happy with our services and philosophy on running our agency to give us the opportunity to be their property managers. We will do them proud!


One of the prime reasons we started innov8 property on the Sunshine Coast – is that we have the freedom to first of all create a property management arm and equally first, do it in such a way that respects the rights and needs of all in that will provide financially rewarding returns for owners and warm and comfortable nests for tenants to rest in.


Now it’s all started and underway!


Along with everything else we are doing including the renovation to house our own nest and agency office, we are very busy indeed and really excited about the future along with whatever our particular box of chocolates holds for us, our clients and friends.


Along with that we are truly blessed to be supported by past clients, friends and relatives as well as our parallel office and staff at Kedron in Brisbane who provide their unfettered support and infrastructure as and when needed.


Meantime, having been there and done that trying to do it all when eventually the chocolate melts, wrappers fray and the box ends up falling apart, we are in review of our business structure and considering bringing another person in to share the load.


Will it be before or after Christmas period that that happens? That is the question.


So if you are inclined, feel most welcome to contact us with your thoughts of endearment, opinions and advice and anyone who you think might be looking to sell or now looking to have their property managed by a stronger flavoured chocolate agency – us at innov8.


Until next time, eat lots of Chocolate Happy Listing Selling and Property Managing…

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